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Your knowledge business at scale.

IDG helps the world’s leading educators turn their professional experience into impact.

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You spent years building your reputation.

There's got to be something beyond keynotes & breakouts.

IDG replaces guesswork with experience, so you can scale fast.

Build an automated platform

In-person events are different or going away. That doesn’t mean your business has to suffer.

Get a strategy and a platform to deliver your services when and where people need you.

To deliver amazing content

Your message has the power to improve lives, your audience needs to feel that.

Create an end-to-end learning experience that matches the power of your brand.

And 10x your reach

Your services are in demand. But keynotes and coaching don’t scale.

IDG provides sales and marketing muscle, so you can make a real living doing what you love.

IDG partners scale faster.
Just ask them.

"With four books and years of keynote experience, I knew there was a path to a bigger business around my work. But I didn’t know how to begin. With IDG, we were able to grow the business exponentially, even in the midst of a pandemic."

Dr. Steve ConstantinoThe Constantino Group (Family Engagement)

"As an author and speaker, teaching is my natural state. But it’s impossible to grow a business on keynotes, especially now. IDG is my strategic braintrust. Together, we’ve closed dozens of multi-day deals for the business this year, and we just keep growing."

Dr. Adam Sáenz, PH.D., D.MIN.Applied EQ Group (Social-emotional learning)

"I’m an activist and educator. As I was building my business model, IDG became an essential growth partner. Together, this team is helping me close deals and build opportunities at a rate far faster than I could have done on my own."

Keri GrayThe Keri Gray Group (Disability and race advocate)

"As a school leader, I don’t have much spare time. IDG helps me identify new and creative ways to share my message, create a professional network and scale my personal endeavors— and we’re just getting started."

Dr. Luvelle BrownSuperintendent, Ithaca, NY

IDG invests in you.

Growth is hard work. At IDG, we invest in your success. Our simple application process identifies education thought leaders with the potential to generate more than $1M in ARR.

Think you’ve got what it takes to take your knowledge business to the next level? Ready to put in the work?

Here’s what happens next.

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