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Million-dollar ideas don’t scale.
But million-dollar businesses do.

Welcome to IDG.

If you’re here, you’ve got a story to tell.

A powerful story. Rooted in years of experience and hard work at the height of your profession. You’re a school leader, or a CEO, a writer or a head of agency. You’re a team builder and a teacher. Someone who’s failed and succeeded, built and rebuilt.

There are people who could benefit from what you’ve learned. Your story, expertise and skills are In Demand.

But getting your message out isn’t easy. You’ve tried keynotes and in-person events. They pay well, but you spend all your time on a plane or dressing out of a suitcase; it’s no way to live (especially when you have a family) — and it doesn’t scale, especially now.

You’ve invested software and tools to move your business forward. Now, you’re spending all your time and money fumbling around in the dark with digital marketing, instead of doing the work you love.

At IDG, we help education thought leaders (people like you!) build and scale their businesses. Unlike marketing agencies or speaker’s bureaus, we don’t book one-off gigs or charge exorbitant fees for vague line-items like “social media” or “content.”

We’re a strategy firm. That means everything we do with our 40+ years of experience, from business development to marketing to sales, is connected end-to-end with one goal: helping you grow your business (with a path to long-term recurring revenue).

We look at each of our partners as an investment — the harder we work together, the better we all do. That means we only work with the very best. Our exclusive bi-annual cohorts include rising education thought leaders and businesses with the potential to generate $1 million or more ARR.

It takes hard work, commitment and dedication on both sides. But the potential rewards are tremendous. Think you’ve got what it takes to get to the next level? Want to learn more about our business model and what sets us apart?

Apply today —

and take the next step toward building the knowledge business you always knew was possible