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IDG connects your district with engaging professional learning, so your team can teach — and lead — with confidence.

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Learning is changing — and your team needs more training and support than ever. But finding quality professional development is hard and coordinating with different providers makes your job even harder. What if you had one partner who could guarantee access to the best thought leaders and professional learning when and where your team needs it?

At IDG, we’ve assembled the brightest names and creative thinkers in K-12 education. Invite us into your district (virtually or in-person) and our experienced thought leaders will provide your team with the thinking, skills and practical knowledge to thrive, wherever learning happens.

Dr. Luvelle Brown

(Equity & culture)

An experienced educator and author who has held positions as a teacher, principal and superintendent of schools, Dr. Brown is nationally known for his work around equity and culture. His book, “Culture of Love,” shows school leaders how to create a school environment that is equal parts inclusive and empathetic. Dr. Brown is available to walk your team through these and other key equity and leadership concepts.


  • Keynotes
  • Leadership conversations
  • Staff presentations

Dr. Steve Constantino

(Family engagement)

Dr. Constantino’s “5 Simple Principles to Engage Every Family” helps school leaders harness the power of family engagement to drive student success. A sought-after speaker, author and educator, who was former state superintendent of Virginia, Dr. Constantino designs custom workshops to meet the needs of your team and district.


  • Keynotes
  • Full- & multi-day staff workshops (in person or virtual)
  • Leadership masterclass
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Synchronous & asynchronous virtual courses
anurupa ganguly

Anurupa Ganguly

(Immersive Learning & Virtual Reality)

A passionate advocate for equity in K-12 education, Anurupa is a former K-12 mathematics instructor, school administrator, and the founder and CEO of Prisms of Reality, an ed-tech company backed by the National Science Foundation. At Prisms, Anurupa partners with school districts to redefine mathematics instruction through immersive virtual reality experiences. Her goal is simple: help schools harness the power of immersive virtual reality to create a culture of joyful inquiry, deep content knowledge & student success for all.


  • Keynotes
  • Workshops

Dr. Blane McCann

(Visioning & strategic goal achievement)

School districts spend millions every year on strategic plans. But plans by themselves do not create action. A former superintendent, author, teacher, coach, and national keynote speaker, Blane McCann works with district leaders to turn their existing plans into actionable frameworks. His unique process and coaching program was designed to help school district teams visualize strategic goals and do the work necessary to achieve them.


  • Keynotes
  • Leadership consulting
  • Full strategic planning workshops

Trevor Muir

(Student engagement)

An award-winning educator and teacher, Trevor Muir believes that learning should be EPIC. Trevor travels the world (virtually and in person) working with and inspiring teachers to engage students through the creative application of real-world project-based learning. Wherever Trevor goes, his goal is the same: to help educators make learning come alive and be memorable for students.


  • Keynotes
  • Full- & multi-day staff workshops (in-person or virtual)
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Synchronous & asynchronous online course

Dr. John Spencer

(Distance Learning & PBL)

A former middle school teacher, best-selling author, and current college professor, John Spencer has traveled the world inspiring educators to empower students through voice and choice. His speeches and catalog of virtual and in-person workshops and courses on subjects from distance learning to design thinking to project-based learning reach tens of thousands of educators every month.


  • Keynotes
  • Full- and multi-day workshops (in-person or virtual)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous online courses
dr john tanner - brave ed

Dr. John Tanner

(Accountability & assessment)

An author and one of the nation’s foremost experts on school accountability and assessment, John Tanner is on a mission to help school districts rethink school performance. Through his six-part True Accountability framework, school leaders and their teams get a system and process to engender trust with every member of their school community. Sign up for the next cohort today and start your journey toward True Accountability.


  • Accountability mini-course
  • 6-part framework workshop
  • Full transformation cohorts

Patricia Weinzapfel

(School communications)

A former television reporter, who spent the last decade with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation in Indiana, Patricia wrote the book on effective school communication (literally). Her No More Mumbo Jumbo approach shows school leaders how to engage families with clear, effective & concise language. Patricia is changing the ways schools communicate, one conversation at a time.


  • Keynotes
  • Full- & multi-day workshops (in-person or virtual)
  • 1:1 executive coaching

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